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How can I cultivate more of my own self-acceptance who cares what God or Adam thinks?

Am I afraid that learning new things from people means they are dominating me in some way? Journal Prompt: Am I willing to express my feelings to the fullest extent or do I keep them quieted down?


How to Find All Four Liliths in Your Birth Chart

How can my emotions offer a gateway into my connection with the natural world? Take pride in the many ways artistic potential moves through you. Can I integrate Lilith through story, visual art, another form of expression?

Lilith, Astrology, and Women- Uncovering the Dark Goddess

Do I feel tied to what I should do rather than doing what is best for me? Here, Lilith leads with the heart and seeks truth.

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Above all else, utilize this placement to be guided by instinctive wisdom. Is my instinctive self expressed in my spiritual practices? Claim your natural self-authority and allow it to inform your own version of feminine legacy who knows, maybe you too can have four astrological points named after you?

Do I take responsibility for themes of authority, or fear them? Your ability to tap into the collective means you are able to help create a future vision of how this goddess serves the whole. Journal Prompt: Is my community full of Liliths or wild feminine figures? Or do I play that role of going against the grain in groups?

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Gifts of this Lilith position include opening up to visionary abilities and intuition. However, despite this, many astrologers seem to use the true Lilith oscillating or mean Lilith black Moon when calculating an individuals natal chart. Astrology websites are also very wishy-washy on this and you might have to readjust the settings on an online calculator to properly figure out which Lilith is which. This is more obvious to me from the fact that I literally spent two hours frustrated that Astrotheme was telling me I was a Capricorn Lilith but Astrodienst was telling me I was a Sagittarius Lilith.

The Dark Moon Waldemath Lilith is extremely controversial because it is not only a theoretical point that has not been confirmed, it also based off of some old Middle Age legend that there are two Moons circulating Earth instead of one. Basically, the story goes that the Dark Moon is the the Moon hiding behind the real moon and yada yada but we now know that is bullshit because we know the earth has only one Moon.

But some will still use the Dark Moon Lilith if they feel a connection to it I suppose. On Astrotheme, you only have the option of finding your true Lilith and mean Lilith. More than likely your True and Mean liliths will be different. I personally identify with my True and Mean liliths the most yes it is possible to use more than one lilith in identification but I will look more into my Asteroid and Dark Moon Liliths. You may or may not identify with one or all of them but it also wise to check if any of them have an aspect to other parts of your chart, such as the north node and midheaven as the Lilith is our hidden, dark side of personality and can be found prominent in our careers.

For Venus conjunct Pluto, there is ultimate achievement to be found in life when finding oneself beautiful. They will take very good care of their skin and body throughout their life and strive for the upmost ideal of worldwide beauty. At times, they can take it too far, aiming to please their personal relationships through constant revamping of their image. They can become obsessed with being the most beautiful person you know and it will eventually take a turn on their heart and mind when they are seeing their imperfections not becoming ideally perfect.

Some of them may even feel like they cannot be in a proper relationship with their lover if they are not the most beautiful in their eyes.


Vertex in the house of Leo leads to a karmic connection to royalty and, overall, the finer things in life. They are very well recognized in whatever career they choose and can often be caught up in love affairs or scandals that bring plenty of attention to the media. Even if they do not follow a path of artistry, they find themselves striving for the best of the best when it comes to innovation, creativity, and originality in their daily path.

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