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Born under Cancer rising , they can easily obtain this goal.

Cancer Rising: Characteristics, traits, and STRUGGLES.

They will be more peaceful than other Libras. They will work harder to make harmony between friends and between anyone else who will listen. Scorpio people have an air of mystery about them, but inside they are creative and passionate. Born under Cancer ascendant sign , this sign will seem cool and collected on the outside, but will still retain their passion on the inside.

They will also become more protective of their family and loved ones. Sagittarius people are always moving from one place to another, but they tend to be a little calmer when they are born under Cancer rising. These people will still move around, but more likely for vacations, not just all of the time.

They will still be outgoing, but they will have fewer friends, but also deeper relationships with their loved ones. Capricorn people are often family oriented and calm, almost like a reflection of a Cancer person. When born under Cancer rising , not much about their personality changes.

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They may do more to protect their family and loved ones than they usually would. Tradition, hard work, and honesty will be more important to them than ever. Aquarius people are fun, sociable, and energetic.

Behavior of the Descendant Capricorn

When born under Cancer rising , they will instead have a few relationships, but they will be deep and meaningful. They will still want to make a change in their lives, but they will want this change to not only affect themselves but others as well. They will be more considerate of the world around them. Pisces people are creative and dreamy. They have a strong sense of intuition, which is only heightened when they are born under Cancer rising.

They will also become more empathic and caring towards their loved ones. These traits will make their minds focus on matters on Earth more than those in the clouds. Cancer rising , in a way, tames and signs and helps them to focus on the things that truly matter in life, the things that money cannot buy. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Username or Email Address. You make sense of life through instinct and emotion.

Compatibility Guide - Susan Miller Astrology Zone

You are likely to experience strong intuitions, and at times psychic sensibilities, and will therefore need to learn the difference between insight and projection. Because you are so sensitive, you must recognize the impact that this can have on you. You will need to acknowledge your sensitivity, accept your desire to nurture and support others, and acknowledge when this sensitivity leads you to take on too much, or become overly responsible for how others feel.

The sign and house position of the Sun in your chart will give you many clues as to how this is happens. Learning to use your intuition to guide your choices is an important skill. Self-awareness will grow as you develop emotional intelligence. You may be very adaptable to change in your external circumstances, but need a peaceful and secure home base for your foundation. Home is very important, providing a sanctuary from the outside world. You may have a tendency to switch off and retreat here from time to time, especially when hurt, depressed, uncertain or confused.

You are likely to need clean, comfortable surroundings, and will prefer the company of refined people who can appreciate your unique qualities. Often close to family and friends, you are probably domesticated, with good cooking skills, as well as very capable on the work front. Cancer rising gives business acumen, and you could do well as an entrepreneur owing to your heightened sense of how to cater to public tastes. You bring a practical, cautious yet determined approach to your own affairs which translates to good business practice.

There is often great tenacity here, and you are likely to accomplish what you set out to do, despite constant flux and changes. With persistence as well as careful strategic planning, you can easily profit by providing what others need. In your professional or personal life there may be a tendency to avoid direct confrontation. You may approach problems sideways, in an attempt to negotiate emotional boundaries. You may at times be inclined toward stinginess, owing to an overly cautious attitude to money, which comes down to fear about having the ability to control external circumstances.

You should learn to trust your feelings enough to know when it is time to conserve what you have and when it is time to spend. For a well-rounded picture, the qualities of your Sun Sign and House should be considered, as well as the qualities of your Moon sign. In addition, a love of travel means that it is important to have the means to be able to get up and go.

You may enjoy frequent changes of environment, allowing you to soak up the most of what life has to offer by soaking up the atmospheres of unfamiliar places. As Cancer is a Cardinal sign, you need to direct your sensitivities, but this must be done in a way that is not overwhelming. The ability to nurture comes easily to you. Opportunities to care for others leads to growth and self-awareness.

Order and respect for tradition and heritage are an important aspect of your way of nurturing. Your Aquarius Moon suggests your devotional energies and protective care are not only for your own immediate family, but also for a wider community. Your gift is to envision creative alternatives and to be an instrument of change regarding how we nurture one another. You could be politically or socially active in changing the school system, health care or other arenas where nurture and care is administered. The rising of the feminine in our times is an important theme in your life.

Your challenge is to somehow integrate this into your life in a balanced way. At times you may be confused as to where your true allegiance lies: with your family circle or with the broader world. People outside your family may see you as full of empathy and sensitive to their concerns, while your own family may feel from you a peculiar iciness and detachment at times, as if you wanted nothing to do with them or their needs. It is probably true that you do not want to care for them solely and that is where creative solutions and alternatives come in!

Have some compassion for yourself. It is quite a challenge to answer your deep need to be free, to live life on your own terms, and to make a significant contribution to the human race or the planet, while at the same time nurturing family and lasting intimacy in your life. Your Moon in Pisces expands your empathy and devotion to include not just your own immediate family, but all of life. On the material level it reflects the group energy of humanity, so you are able to both feel the energies of other people and experience the flow of energy within yourself.

It is this capacity to feel that gives rise to the nurturing side of this sign. The sign Cancer reminds us of water flowing downhill. It is the relentless quality of the flow that you resonate with. Much of your feeling experience occurs on the soul level.

If you see auras, you may see all the way to the soul level of the person. This can be both informative and frightening, as you may not wish to relate that closely with everyone.

Cancer Rising Man

Therefore it is important for you to have a spiritual practice that is designed to cultivate clarity of mind. Movement is a key principle in your life. How you begin the digestive process, for example, determines what you are able to assimilate from your food. The movement of fluids through your body is a familiar and comfortable barometer of your moods. Good spiritual practice may focus on movement as well. Walking meditation may be helpful for you. If you feel stuck, strenuous exercise may help to shake loose whatever is bothering you. Then you can return to a more meditative pace of movement.

Follow movement with sitting for a few minutes to experience the inner calm that has been strengthened.

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  6. As you experience your spiritual being, you come to understand the two sides of the sign of Cancer. One side has to do with self-preservation and includes the nurturing you receive and the care you give to others. It includes the impulse to incarnate in the first place. The other side relates to immortality.

    Your creative energies are freed as you gain understanding of this aspect of life. By understanding the desire to incarnate, along with the truth of your immortal being, you perceive the flow of the evolutionary process across physical lifetimes. On the physical plane form is not necessarily rigid, and movement is not necessarily unrestricted. The two aspects are intertwined in all living things. On the spiritual plane, form may seem less significant or less solid, but the principle of form continues to be active until Unity is achieved.

    You have a strong need for emotional security and a sense of belonging, and are deeply attached to the past: your heritage, roots, family, cherished friends, familiar places, etc. Making radical changes or moves away from what is known and safe can be very painful and difficult for you. You tend to cling and hold on to people, memories, possessions of personal or sentimental significance.

    Cancer rising

    Having a home, a safe haven, is very important to you. You approach life emotionally and subjectively and are sensitive to the emotional atmosphere, the subtle undercurrents of feeling in and around you. Instinctive and non-rational, you are often unable to give a clear, simple explanation for your actions. Your emotions and personal loyalties tend to color your thoughts and opinions. You view life from a very personal perspective and often cannot mentally detach yourself from your own personal bias and prejudices. You are apt to be concerned primarily with how something affects you and those dear and close to you, rather than with the principle or the broader social implications.

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