Are pisces male and pisces woman compatible

Loving a Pisces Woman

Pisces Man Pisces Woman Compatibility

This couple tries to make the most of every memorable moment together. Their nostalgic natures increase the Pisces and Pisces compatibility factor. Of course, the Water element can also push the power of a tsunami into a given situation. When these two become angry, they know the right nerves to strike.

The emotional pain one inflicts can prove lasting. It is best each Pisces partner minds their words, especially when angry. Toxins pollute water, as toxic emotions poison relationships. To find someone with so many things in common, it seems like the Divine hand is intervening in his life. Now, before him is the Pisces woman who he feels is his soul mate. The Pisces male invests all when he loves. Because both parties are shy, they may be a bit anti-social too. But, confinement leads to excess in familiarity. Without others entering their world, this couple may grow bored.

They might run out of stories to tell one another. This pair will do well if they encourage friendships. They should encourage each other to engage in activities outside of the relationship. It will give them fresh experiences to share with one another.

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It will also provide them with new methods for ensuring relationship longevity. Time apart makes the heart grow fonder. When the Pisces Man and Pisces Woman get together can be supportive and nurturing. They tend to inspire one another. But, if the Pisces Man and Pisces Woman are out of balance in any way, trouble brews. The Pisces female is sometimes passive aggressive. The Pisces male, despite the water element influence, might become aggressive in response. The Pisces Man and Pisces Woman develop an uncanny connection. This is because they are so intuitive. They might not recognize some of the real psychic abilities they have and use.

Dreams and clairsentience are some of the sensory intake sources Pisces masters.

Their telepathic connection keeps the Pisces to Pisces love match a special connection. The ability to predict thoughts and actions means problems can arise before manifestation! Pisces a can catch each other in white lies before the lie happens! But, he head is already cut off by the metaphorical guillotine!

The Pisces male is already cutting up her credit cards in his mind. Due to their introverted nature, sex can prove awkward during the initial stages. They may feel as if they are diving into waters they are not sure about! Thank the Divine that Pisces personas are so adaptable. They can start out slow while learning from their partner. They soon discover what the partner might enjoy in the bedroom. The physical closeness and level of experimentation develop over the course of time. Shy and not at all forward, Fifty Shades Darker makes both Pisces men and women blush!

Sexual freedom of that level takes the ability to talk about sex. When these two do open to one another, it intensifies Pisces and Pisces compatibility. The myth associating with Pisces demonstrates the true closeness of a Pisces pair. In the Greek myth, there is a story where Typhon is a monster even the Gods fear. He descends upon Olympus one day, and the gods and goddess turned into animals when running to safety.

According to some stories, Aphrodite and Eros her son turn into fish and dive into the Euphrates. Other stories tell of two fish bringing the god and goddess to safety. It demonstrates that there is no greater love then the Pisces and Pisces pair. The water is the environment for fish and the element influences this pairing.

They dream together and share great compassion for one another. They are deep thinkers and share similar views of the world. What they share in thoughts and beliefs draws them ever closer together. The trick to making the Pisces and Pisces love match happen is in getting them together in the first place. In the Pisces and Pisces relationship, the partners love to be alone and to dream about the future.

Social butterflies they are not. Picture the scene. Pisces is at a group party or company celebration. But, their sense of obligation outweighs their social phobias. When they arrive at the gathering, they offer a few friendly greetings. Then they head for the first darkened corner they can find. As they stand alone, they glance around the room. Direct insight in the opposite darkened corner of the room is another Pisces wallflower! This is a typical meeting between the shy Pisces personalities.

Otherwise, fate and strange synchronistic events bring them together. They reflect on what the other needs for balance in some instances. In others, they have matching needs and interests. Breaking into a conversation opens the door, and they recognize their uncanny connection. Intuition is one of the characteristics leading to Pisces and Pisces compatibility. It allows them to communicate without speaking. An outsider observer thinks a romantic Pisces pair is saying nothing. She, meanwhile, can teach her Aries guy to pay more attention to his intuition, his hunches and his inner spirituality.

She also teaches him, by virtue of their relationship, not to hurt others through his selfishness. Intensely Sexual. When a fire sign and a water sign meet, you get steam , and this is a steamy relationship indeed. Sex is truly intense for these two, and very meaningful. The Pisces woman is faithful and committed as a partner, and the Aries man will find no need to stray from such a blissful match, so he too is faithful to his Pisces muse.

When this relationship is going well, Aries man and Pisces woman compatibility is exceptional.

Pisces Man And Pisces Woman: Nature Of Bonding

When the relationship flounders, however, she may never recover. The Pisces woman truly adores the Aries man, and will be at a loss to see what went wrong. I'm a pisces girl totally and madly in love with a scorpio guy. Ever since our first date we had this weird feeling of something going on between us. Then after first date we didnt see eachother for couple days as I went with friends on holidays. But omg we kept texting all the time and we couldnt wait any longer to see eachother again.

And when we finally met again and we kissed for the first time, It felt like everything was in its place. I know as pisces we are romantic and tend to dream too much. But what do you do when dream is happening before your eyes? And that is just about the kiss. Our first night together scared me later after because I never lived something so powerful! It has been an interesting dance of devotion and care yet he lights my fire unlike anyone else Pure bliss : : : He soothes my soul and shows me the sweetest love. We talk for hours on end and instantly know what the other is feeling and thinking.

I feel blessed. The love of a scorpio man is once in a lifetime. Our fires will burn together for all of eternity. Reading this is so spot on!

Pisces and Pisces Compatibility - (In Love)

Love reading all the comments! Cheers x. My scorpion guy 6 years on is still as mysterious as ever: Its a magical connection that i will never be able to put into words because there are none that can. Its the greatest most nurturing love ive ever known as a pisces chick: He will have my heart for all eternity. This is so on point. Thank you for sharing :. I actually got a little aggressive on my partner, but he did experience the same thing and just stare at me I'm a Piscean energy healer and heard about this article in Facebook group. Wow, this was extremely dead on to the point it sent chills down my spine.

It's obvious a male Scorpio wrote this. I bet you are rising and ascending in Scorpio. Just a guess. My husband is. I see all the traits. You have to check planetary tables or a book called an ephemeris to see what day the Sun goes into an Astrology sign. The 21st to 21st rumor is just that. The Sun stays in some signs as long as the 23rd, and moves as early as the 18th at times. It's different every year. It's usually from July to November you find the "tricky" ones. I'm glad you enjoyed Janet. Yes, it's a strangely magnetic pairing to be sure - and can be magical. Thanks, Jean!

Yes, it's very odd the relationships Scorpio has with animals. But Pisces and Cancer - it's like animals flock to them! Well done! Now that I read it here, I can think of several Scorpios who I thought didn't even want animals around them. But it's the animals who are intimidated by the Scorpios, they sense they aren't going to get babied as much as they want. I love a pisces man but when we are in front of each other in college we only fight with each other. Its unexplainable. We are on our way out as she cheated on me but the connection is still crazy strong. Hard to explain.

As a Pisces women, married for 10 years with Scorpio men, I must agree with all stated in this article, including money issue. So true in every aspect. I enjoyed redaing this. I clearly am the only pisces on earth that doesn't like Scorpio men. I don't know what it is. I have pisces friends and their mates are Scorpios.

I can barely tolerate the few Scorpios that are in my family. I always find myself attracted to Aries which supposedly is not good match. I guess I should be with a Pisces but I love a Capricorn I am a very caring, emotional, mysterious, highly sexual being and my Capricorn man loves everything about me except when I get upset I can have a fire about me. Stick with my water signs. I was drawn to him right away which I couldn't understand, as him with me! There is a strong sexual attraction. I am a Pisces and most things you said about us is true but you are so wrong about the money thing.

I have always known how to handle money. I have always saved money with NO problem. So true!! I m scorpio woman with a pisces man. Each and every word mentioned has a deep intense meaning which can be understood only by those who have personally experienced. Its beautiful and intense plus deep bond between them. Beyond words. I'm a Pisces man and I ended a very intense relationship with a Scorpio. We have since reconciled but he's been playing a lot of mind games with me to push my buttons. I'm dealing with it because I care about him, but I'd really wish he'd stop.

I feel like if I call him on it then I'll lose him again. I don't know what to do really, but I really appreciate this article. Man accurate I'm a Pisces male, with a Scorpio woman omg accurate talk about a strong woman but so perfect at the sametime, We argue lol but we come out stronger.. I love love love this article. I am about to meet a Piscis this Saturday.

I'm a Scorpio, and I can't wait to see how accurate this article is. One thing I will tell you as a Scorpio woman, you described me perfectly! We read this article together and both of us are mind blown! We have tried our hardest to justify what you just explained, but we simply can not put it into words because it is way beyond us.

Thank you for this beautiful article! Never have i believed in true love, soulmates, or anything related until i met my Pisces. Im head over heels in love with this man on all levels. I awoken feelings in me ive never experience!! Im so sure about our relationship and theres no doubts that well grow old happily together!! This article is right on the money word from word.

I met a wonderful Pisces man of my age Me Scorpio and he Pisces He brought me back to life, literally I meeting up with a Pisces for the first time ever. I am a Scorpio. We see what happens. I don't want to obsess over him but I can't get him out of my mind, how can i bring him to me? I always have thought the same about Scorpio and Pisces, sadly the relationships I've had with Scorpio men I'm a Pisces didn't work. We felt a fascination for each other, but it did not work.

Maybe at that time we were looking for different things. I am a Pisces woman in a relationship with a Scorpio man. We as a couple, constantly try to explain what we feel and what we have together and always end up saying "I just don't have the words. It's just unreal. It leads me to want to know that much more about it. I don't think if something were to ever happen between he and I that I could ever be satisfied with any other sign's relationship. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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Moreover, how compatible are Scorpio and Pisces romantically, sexually, and intellectually? The answers to those questions and many more can now be revealed. Scorpio and Pisces match or balance one another out in many life areas. Pisces: February 20 — March 20 Pisces born people fall into the twelfth house in horoscopic astrology. Scorpio: October 23 - November 21 People born under the Scorpio sign fall under the eight house of the Zodiac. But not all water signs are the same. Why Do Scorpio and Pisces Match? I will walk though through seven specific life areas and provide supporting rationale.

Sexual Energy Simply put, Pisces and Scorpio put a premium on emotional bonding as part of intimacy. The Moon's Impact You should know that the moon is a major impact on all water signs. So what's the lunar-water sign relationship? Love Pisces is perhaps the most sensitive feeling sign among the Zodiacs. Trust The trust between both water signs is high because of empathic transparency. Communication When sufficient time has passed between Pisces and Scorpio, communication is generally not a problem. This is not in the way you may think.

Sexual energy Emotional attraction Both dive deep Psychic abilities Communication It's beyond my understanding See results. Intellect Residing in both Scorpio and Pisces astrological houses are related traits. Remember, Pisces is a mutable, adaptable sign.

Pisces Man and Pisces Woman Love Compatibility

Scorpio is fixed. In turn, Pisces can give Scorpio a financial challenge and something to manage. You may be wondering why? Interests Given that both signs are water based, Pisces and Scorpio naturally gravitate to the sea. Summary of Pisces and Scorpio Scorpio and Pisces are two signs that are highly compatible. They are a powerful and mystical match. Questions must be on-topic, written with proper grammar usage, and understandable to a wide audience.

Question: What kind of relationship would a Pisces and Scorpio have? Answer: A relationship between a Pisces and a Scorpio would probably be very symbiotic and strong. Helpful Answer: Pisces born people have a special intuition. Answer: Only when there is a high degree of trust. Even then, it takes time. Question: I have a Scorpio guy that I've been in love with for up to 6 years now, he isn't actually too trustworthy and throughout the time I've known him, things have been really emotional for us, do you think it's gonna work cause he claims to like me and why do you think so?

Answer: The trust your Scorpio man has placed in you is rare. Question: Can Scorpio and Pisces be just friends or will they inevitably always fall in love with each other? Answer: They can remain very close friends however, there will always be a high degree of sexual energy.

Question: Would two lesbians work well in this situation or is it different? Answer: yep - it would work out just fine, Sexual orientation would have no bearing. Very easy to understand to, thanks very much for the insite. Thank you for this. Relatively young Pisces guy here, and I dated a Scorpio girl back in the day. Shared on Facebook. I am a pisces female and im in love with a scorpio saggiturius cusp male. I know other scorpios..

Because he felt the same thing's I did and for some weird reason i knew he did. Beautiful and very honesty article about this subject And money wise The love of my life is a Scorpio, I am a Pisces. This article is spot on :.

Pisces Man and Pisces Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

It depends on the year for sure! What a beautiful article! Its so hard to put in words. Wonderfully written. Hi, Ron, Thanks for stopping by to share. Right on! Thank you for sharing this wonderful article! I am a scorpio woman and i have my pisces man.

are pisces male and pisces woman compatible Are pisces male and pisces woman compatible
are pisces male and pisces woman compatible Are pisces male and pisces woman compatible
are pisces male and pisces woman compatible Are pisces male and pisces woman compatible
are pisces male and pisces woman compatible Are pisces male and pisces woman compatible
are pisces male and pisces woman compatible Are pisces male and pisces woman compatible
are pisces male and pisces woman compatible Are pisces male and pisces woman compatible

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